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Culligan Water Solutions

For generations, families and companies have relied on Culligan water solutions for their water treatment needs. At Culligan Water, we offer a variety of Culligan water filters and water softeners, designed to tackle your most challenging water problems! Our line of Culligan water treatment equipment is the ideal solution for your filtered water and soft water needs.

Your Culligan Man is a water solution specialist who understands your local water quality and will help you find the appropriate Culligan water solutions to suit your home. He will even test your water for free to find out its exact assemblage of minerals, chemicals, bacteria and contaminants! Depending upon the water quality, your Culligan Man may recommend one of several Culligan water solutions: whole house water filtration systems, water softeners, drinking water filters, and/or reverse osmosis systems.

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With more than 80 years of experience in the water treatment industry, Culligan has extensive knowledge of local water problems and offers advanced water treatment solutions. Your Culligan Man is your local water quality expert.

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Culligan Water can help you solve your most challenging water problems, from softening to filtration and everything in between. Whether you're struggling with rust stains, contaminated drinking water, well water issues, or hard water, we have the water treatment equipment and expertise to give you a better home water experience.

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