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Culligan Water offers two types of emergency service:

On-site service

If you are experiencing a water leak, please contact us immediately for emergency service. Please note that charges may be applicable for any home owned equipment. 

24-hour phone service

For any other water system or softener issues that you experience on the weekend or after normal hours, call us for 24-hour troubleshooting. We will walk you through any necessary steps to bypass or fix your system, and we will schedule a time for a Culligan Water technician to come to your location to complete any necessary repairs during our normal business hours. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.
I love my Culligan reverse osmosis system. Culligan installed it in my apartment building very quickly. I am so relieved to know that my water is very clean from harmful environmental toxins and the salt used to soften water in my building. This was a wise investment. It is money well spent on my health and peace of mind.
Lanaya Baker
Love my Culligan.... the soft water is a given , but what I really like is not trying to carry heavy bags of salt through snow or rain or whatever weather. Then taking it down to my softener , lifting it up to pour into the tank. With Culligan I just enjoy soft water.
Dan Wilkinson
Great service. Home delivery of salt and inspection of the softener is much appreciated.
Matthew Lindberg
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