Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Go bottle free!

Provide your home or office with an endless supply of better water with a Culligan bottleless water cooler. Try a FREE 7-day trial!

Go Bottle Free

Perfect for the office

Water is an essential part of every good job. Give your team the water they deserve and create a more productive workplace with Culligan Water.

Perfect for the home

Water is an essential part of everyday life. Give your loved ones the water they deserve and create a happier home with Culligan Water.

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Bottleless Water Cooler Features

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Touch-activated sensor and self-dispense pad ensure safe, germ-free use for each and every drink – without ever touching the cooler.

Built-in Icemaker

Enjoy the refreshing taste of ice cold water or freshen up other beverages with Culligan’s always-ready and always-delicious ice.
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