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Water Softening Salt

Water softening salt is used in water softeners to facilitate the removal of dissolved hard water minerals, specifically magnesium and calcium. During the softening process, ions in the water softener salt are exchanged for the hard calcium and magnesium ions in the water supply. Water softeners contain small polymeric resin beads that are negatively charged with sodium ions. It's this negative charge that attracts the positively charged hard water ions as water passes through the water softener, trapping them in the resin bed and exchanging them for the sodium ions.

Water softening is commonly used to extract almost all traces of: manganese, iron, cadmium, radium, barium, aluminum and other metal particulates from water. Softened water protects industrial equipment, boilers, cooling towers, and appliances from the damage that occurs when hard water minerals accumulate in piping, water heaters and appliance surfaces.

Water softeners are also commonly installed in households to remove the minerals responsible for: hard water stains on dishes and glasses; buildup in washing machines; and clogged nozzles in showerheads and Jacuzzi tubs. In addition, hard water commonly results in increased energy consumption and a reduced efficiency of soaps and detergents.

Water softening salt can come in several forms. There are three types of softener salt readily available on the market: solar, rock and evaporated. Solar salt for water softeners is derived from evaporated seawater. Rock salt is derived from natural salt deposits in the earth, and evaporated salt is obtained through mining underground deposits of dissolving salt.

Not all water softening salt is the same. Therefore, it's important to make sure that you only buy and use the type of salt that is specifically designed to work with your water softener. Culligan recommends solar water softener salt for its water softening equipment.

There are more than 40 brands of water softeners that are compatible with the high-quality salt delivered by Culligan. We will deliver and replenish the salt reservoir in your system to help your softener work more efficiently, and will extend the life of components that can be fouled with impurities in other brands of salt.

You may find that rock salt is cheaper to buy than solar salt, but rock salt contains many water insoluble minerals. These insoluble minerals will quickly clog up resin beds and reservoirs, requiring frequent cleanings and maintenance of your water softener. Some water softeners can withstand these high levels of impurities, but over time they concentrate to higher and higher levels. This can cause problems in other home equipment as well.

Culligan Softener Salt Delivery

So, how does the Culligan softener salt delivery work? The Culligan team keeps track of the amount of salt used, and new deliveries are scheduled with the homeowner, so the softening water system always has the salt needed. Then, the water softening salt is installed directly at the device.

Culligan softening salt is free from minerals that can clog up the equipment, and the salt is uniformly manufactured. There really is a big difference when Culligan handles the salt. One of the greatest benefits is having the water softening salt delivered, as well as installed by experienced employees!

Culligan offers water softener salt for all types and brands of water softeners, even competitor equipment! Learn more about our softener salt delivery.

Get the most out of your water softener by using the industry’s best salt, trusted for generations!

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