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Water Filters, Water Purification, & Water Treatment

There are many different types of home water purification systems on the market, including water filters, water purifiers, and water softeners. These systems can be employed on a small-scale basis for targeted water treatment, or on a large-scale for whole home water filtration.

The specific contaminants found in your water supply will play the largest role in the type of water treatment system you select. One of the most widely used home water purification systems is an under sink reverse osmosis system.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis is one of the most common water purification techniques. It is a method of filtration that utilizes pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane and filter out contaminants. Reverse osmosis water purification systems are capable of removing up to 99% of dissolved contaminants from water.

There are many advantages to installing a Culligan reverse osmosis drinking water system:

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Whole home water filtration systems work by filtering water at the point where it enters your home, providing you with filtered water from every faucet. Water filters and water softeners can be used to remove contaminants, such as: hard water minerals, sediment, chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and turbidity.

Culligan offers a variety of whole home water filters, purifiers and softeners that can be customized based on your specific water filtration needs. Contact your local Culligan dealer today, for help finding the best water treatment system for your home!

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