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Water Purifying Systems

Today's water purifying systems are capable of removing a variety of unwanted chemicals, minerals and bacteria from water. Water that is treated at a municipal facility may pick up a variety of contaminants, such as lead, as it makes its way into your home. Well water is also susceptible to bacterial growth and contamination through ground water runoff. With a home water purifying system from Culligan, you can rest assured that any undesired contaminants are removed from your tap water, prior to it being used for drinking or cooking.*

Experience the benefits of professionally treated water all through the house! Culligan can provide you with the best water purifier that solves taste and odor problems like chlorine or sulfur contamination. Culligan water purifying systems can also deal with dissolved iron, and prevent scale buildup. All while contributing to longer-lasting plumbing and appliances - thus helping to reduce utility costs. Every water supply (and the quality of the water it delivers) is different. That's why we've specifically designed state-of-the-art purification solutions to address the wide variety of impurities and other issues that can cause problem water. No matter what problem water issues you face, Culligan sets the standard for the best custom water purifiers.

Benefits of Water Purifying Systems

There are several benefits to installing a water purifying system in your home, including:

Culligan purification systems reduce particles, remove contaminants, and correct imbalances in your water. Our customizable solutions are designed to fit nearly any treatment need, including hard water, bitter taste, and foul odors. No matter which problem you are having with your water, Culligan is your go-to provider for drinking water systems. We solve your water problems right at the source, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of clean, fresh water right from the tap.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

A reverse osmosis water purifying system is capable of removing up to 99% of all impurities in tap water*. Reverse osmosis systems from Culligan can be customized and adapted based on your specific water purification needs. Functional multi-stage filters allow reverse osmosis systems to produce high-purity drinking water straight from your tap. Should your filtration needs change, a series of interchangeable water filters make reverse osmosis water purifying systems easily customizable.

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*Contaminants and impurities may not necessarily be in your water supply. Ask for a free in-home water test from your local Culligan dealer.

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