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Whole House Water Filters

Whole house water filter systems from Culligan are a popular choice among homeowners and renters who are looking to ensure their tap water is free of impurities and safe to drink for their families. Whole house water filters work by treating water at the point it enters your home. With a Culligan whole house water filtration system, you can rest easy knowing that quality, filtered water is being delivered to every tap, shower, and bath in your home.

There are six common water problems that home owners and renters often face:

  1. Blue-Green Staining
  2. Chlorine Smell or Taste
  3. Cloudy or Murky Water
  4. Metallic Taste
  5. Rust Around Kitchen and Bath Fixtures
  6. Rotten Egg Odor or Sulphur Smell

Culligan water filtration is designed to eliminate each of these water problems.

Whole house water filters can also handle particulates that might otherwise build up in plumbing or appliances. Filtering out these particulates can increase the effectiveness and life span of appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators. In addition, whole house systems from Culligan can reduce, or even remove, the chlorine added to water by many municipalities as a means of sterilization.

Even if you cannot see, smell or taste contaminants in your water supply, you should have your water tested to determine if a home water filtration system may be beneficial. Many contaminants are water soluble and cannot be seen by the naked eye. After providing a free in-home water test, a Culligan water treatment expert will help you to understand the results and recommend the best type of whole house water filter system to treat the specific contaminants in your water supply (if any exist).

We recognize that every home has different water treatment needs, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you are concerned about your water quality, give your local Culligan dealer a call to schedule an in-home water test. We will send one of our water treatment experts to test your water at no change to you.

Want to learn more about the types of Culligan water filter systems available in your area? Contact your local Culligan dealer and speak with our knowledgeable staff for assistance in determining which home water filtration system will offer the most benefit to you and your family. Click to locate your local dealer

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