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What to Look for in Home Water Filtration Systems

Transforming regular tap water into great-tasting drinking water is something most homeowners are looking for. They want to enjoy the benefits of healthy delicious icewater, drinks, and coffee.

When homeowners start the process of exploring options for water filtration systems, they want a system that will suit their home's specific needs. Simple installation of a convenient-to-maintain system is important. Home water filtration can be costly, so when investing in such a purchase, homeowners are looking for filtration systems with lasting power.

One can start by learning the differences between two of the most common types of household water filtration systems: point-of-use and point-of-entry.

  1. Point-of-Use: Commonly known as drinking water systems, point-of-use treatment refers to any under-sink filtration system installed at the tap level, or other direct water-access point.
  2. Point-of-Entry: This refers to filtration systems installed at the entry point of water lines to the house. These are often referred to as whole-home systems, whole-house filtration systems, and other variations on these terms.

Homeowners want a well-trained professional to properly guide and inform them of the best choices in terms of quality and pricing for home water filtration systems.

Homeowners who are knowledgeable about filtration systems, may want a more advanced system that has the filtration capability to remove chloroform, which indicates how well that filter removes organic contaminants such as benzene and atrazine.

A Culligan home water filtration system means better-tasting water for the entire household. Contact your local Culligan Man today!

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