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Water Filtration Systems for Well Water

Well water is subject to a variety of contaminants, both naturally occurring and man-made. Owners of private wells should have their well water tested annually for the presence of coliform bacteria, nitrates, volatile organic compounds, and total dissolved solids. If contaminants are present, a well water filtration system should be considered.

Well water filters are not universal. They are specialized and engineered to treat specific contaminants. For example, if water contains high levels of iron, a well water filtration system can be installed that is specifically designed to remove iron. Likewise, homeowners whose wells have hard water will benefit from a home water softening system.

Before investing in a water filtration system, homeowners should have their well water tested. Your local Culligan Dealer will be happy to do this for you. Once you know exactly what contaminants are, or are not, present in your well water, Culligan can assist you in finding the appropriate well water filtration system for your home. Some of the water filtration solutions offered by Culligan include:

There a number of benefits to utilizing well water filtration systems. Not only do water filters improve the taste, smell and appearance of well water, they can also reduce acidity and prevent buildup in pipes and appliances. Modern technology allows many Culligan water filtration systems to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the home.

No matter the problem, Culligan is sure to have the appropriate water filtration system to treat your well water. Our whole house water filtration systems can be customized to treat the unique water in your state, region and home.

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