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Water Filtration Systems Reviews

We have a whole house carbon filtration unit, reverse osmosis system and water softener, plus under sink water purifier for water we drink and use for cooking.

Had a Culligan technician come out and hook up water faucet, espresso machine and ice maker, after the plumber we originally booked came out and installed new faucets. Plumber wouldn't work with Culligan unit tubing so we called Culligan. (This I was informed of at the time the plumber and two of his "helper plumbers" were under the sink. Thanks guys.)

The Culligan technician came out a week later and did a visual inspection of all units and tested water on R.O. after hooking up the above. Very professional and neat. I paid about $157.00 for the whole job. This is a fair price considering I paid the Plumber $270.00 to just change 2 faucets and an air vent and disconnect Culligan from faucet for drinking etc. Feel like the Plumber fleeced me.

Yelp (P.J.)

I purchased the Culligan unit to replace a GE under-sink water filter I had been using. The GE water filters had a very short life. Already I can see that the Culligan product lasts much longer and the water tastes fine. This is a good alternative to purchasing bottled water. It is handy for cooking also.

Amazon (D. Gilmartin)

The [Culligan] under-sink water filter is wonderful. It is easy to install and easy to use. There are no frequent expensive filter changes, like with Brita or Pur faucet water filters or pitchers, you just install it and forget about it.

ConsumerDemocracy (anonymous poster)

We were living at the coast and buying up to 12 gals of water each week at the grocery. The tap water tasted of sulfur. This [Culligan reverse osmosis water filter] system is great. No more lugging home water and it paid for itself in a little over 2 years.

ConsumerDemocracy (anonymous poster)

I love this [Culligan] water purifier! Our well water is so Iron heavy you can just about cut it off the spigot. This purifier makes it look and taste like fresh mountain spring water. I know all the harmful chemicals and metals are removed. This is a great item.

ConsumerDemocracy (anonymous poster)

Treat Your Water and Feel the Difference!
Pros: Professional Service and the Appliance Works! Very Affordable to Rent.
Cons: Nothing Really Comes to Mind
The Bottom Line: If you are considering a water treatment system, I highly recommend you look into the Culligan line of products.

Living in south Texas, we have some of the hardest water in the country. Our city water comes from an aquifer that is located underground and rests upon limestone. As you can imagine, limestone is filtered throughout the water distribution for everyone who receives their water from this source…We chose Culligan based on reputation and also because we knew someone in the business through my husband's contacts in the Rotary. We contacted them so there was no hard sell. I wanted a water softener and that was that. (Having a water softener is a widely used appliance in this city, and we had one while I was still living with my parents).

The Culligan representative came to our house and discussed our concerns in regards to the quality of water and then proceeded to show us the different models along with the prices. Should we just rent the unit or purchase it? We decided to rent it for now, with the option to purchase within 90 days, and the money we have spent during that time would go towards a purchase if we chose to do so. We also decided to have a Reverse Osmosis system installed. This is a unit that is installed beneath your kitchen sink and is an appliance that reverses the water softness by removing the salt. This, we felt, was important to have for drinking water…So how has this affected our water and the daily tasks included with our daily water usage?

Laundry - Less detergent is required, less softening agent (such as Downy) and it helps keep clothes looking new much longer. Whites stay white without turning a dingy gray over time. Hard water is very destructive to clothes. It will break down the fibers and build up as well. For example, new sheets never quite get that really soft feel they get over time from repeated washings. There is a world of difference regarding all of your laundering. Dishwashing - Less dishwasher soap is needed. The best part though? No white filmy buildup to ruin your dishes. Our glasses are no longer clear as they have a film on them that makes them look dirty. Rinsing agents have not helped, and this does not come off.

Showering - Less shampoo and conditioner is needed. Hair is much softer and more relaxed. It also takes a little more effort to completely rinse soap off. Cleaning the lime, or calcium, buildup from faucets and tubs has always been a chore. It is a hard white film that is almost impossible to remove. Lime-Away brand lime remover does help, but it is expensive and needs to be used a couple times a week.

We took our hard water from a rating of about 18 down to a 6. I absolutely love Culligan and couldn't be happier. The company was extremely pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Culligan if you are looking into getting a water treatment system for your house, whether you rent or purchase your unit.

Epinions (Stacy)

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