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Water Filter Comparison

Trying to determine which is the best water filter to meet your needs? Use the water filter comparison chart below to get the facts on different Culligan water filters and compare product specs.

Contact Culligan for assistance in selecting the specific water filter model that will work best for you!

Water Filter Series Filtration Capabilities by Particle Size or Parts per Million (ppm) Gallons of Water Filtered per Min. (gpm) at Optimal Pressure (psi) (Varies by Model) Filtration Capacity Power Comsumption
Culligan High Efficiency™ Particle Size: 30 microns Range: 4 gpm @ 2 psi - 12 gpm @ 15 psi Range:
14,500 – 180,000 gal
8 Watts – 22 Watts
Culligan Medallist™ Particle Size: 10 microns Range: 2.7 gpm @ 3 psi – 12 gpm @ 15 psi Range:
21,750 – 180,000 gal
3 Watts – 35 Watts
Culligan Iron-Cleer™ Iron – 10 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide - 5 ppm
Range: 5 gpm @ 9 psi – 9 gpm @ 14 psi Range:
1,400 – 2,000 gal
3 Watts - 203 Watts
Culligan Sulfur-Cleer™ Iron – 10 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide - 5 ppm
Range: 5 gpm @ 4 psi – 6 gpm @ 5 psi Rande:
7 Watts - 270 Watts
Culligan HE Softener-Cleer™ Iron – 10 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide - 2 ppm
Range: 8.8 gpm @ 11 psi – 12.5 gpm @ 15 psi Range:
17,854 – 88,549 gr
8 Watts - 22 Watts

*Exchange capacity @ salt dosage per recharge

Culligan®High Efficiency™ Automatic Water Filter

Culligan High Efficiency Water Filter

With our High Efficiency™ line of water filters, homeowners get the benefit of three levels of filtration packed into one convenient water filter. The Filtr-Cleer® removes sediment from drinking water, the Cullar® filter reduces chlorine and improves taste, and the Cullneu® Filter neutralizes acidity to eliminate unsightly brown or green stains. The Culligan® High Efficiency™ water filter is truly the most complete water softening and filtration system for your home.

WQA Certified Against NSF/ANSI Standard 372, CSA B483.1 and NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of:

• Class V (>30pm to <50pm) Particulate Reductions (High Efficiency™ Filtr-Cleer® Filter)

• Chlorine Taste and Odor (High Efficiency™ Cullar® Filter)

• Acid Neutralization (High Efficiency™ Cullneu® Filter)

Models: 9" and 10" Model

Culligan® Medallist Series™ Automatic Water Filter

Culligan Medallist Series Water Filter

The Culligan® Medallist Series™ water filter delivers whole house water filtration and conditioning in an economic package. The Medallist Series™ of water filters can reduce sediments and chlorine, while also softening water. On average, the Culligan Medallist Series® with a Filtr-Cleer® filter effectively removes 91.8% of class III particulate particles. The filter is equipped with a self-diagnostic program to ensure optimal operation.

WQA Certified Against WQA S-200 for the reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odor (Medallist Plus Series™ Cullar® Filter).

Models: Medallist: 8" and 10" Model; Medallist Plus: 10" Model

Culligan® Iron-Cleer Series™ Automatic Water Filter

Culligan Iron-Cleer Series Water Filter

The Iron-Cleer Series™ water filter offers the convenience of iron-free water without the need for chemicals or salt. Patented smart technology monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics. An optional remote display allows you to monitor and control the system from virtually anywhere in your home.

The two-tank system can be used on shared wells, municipal water supplies or with buried pressure tanks without additional equipment. This whole house filter will ensure your fixtures remain rust free.

WQA Certified Against WQA S-200 for the reduction of iron.

Models: 10" and 12" Model

Culligan® Sulfur-Cleer Series™ Automatic Water Filter

Culligan Sulfur-Cleer Series Water Filter

Have bad smelling water? A Culligan® Sulfur-Cleer™ water filter will reduce hydrogen sulfide in water, eliminating sulfurous and rotten-egg smells.

In addition to reducing odor, the Sulfur-Cleer Series™ water filter has also been WQA certified for the reduction of iron and can help eliminate unsightly rust stains on bathroom fixtures and sinks.

An automatic timer efficiently manages regeneration cycles and a Guest Cycle recharge option allows homeowners to generate an extra supply of filtered water when needed.

WQA Certified Against WQA S-200 for the reduction of iron.

Models: 10" Model

Culligan® HE Softener-Cleer™

Culligan Softener-Cleer Series Water Filter

Eliminate unpleasant taste and odors in water with the Culligan® HE Softener-Cleer™. The HE Softener-Cleer™ goes beyond traditional water softening to remove hydrogen sulfide and reduce iron in water. Not only will your water be softer, but you’ll be free of bad smells, notice improved taste and see less rust stains on bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

WQA certified against CSA B483.1, NSF/ANSI Standard 61, NSF/ANSI Standard 372, and NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for the effective reduction of hardness (calcium and magnesium) and barium/radium 226/228.

Models: 9", 10", 12" and 14" Model

Please contact us to learn more about the Culligan® HE Softener-Cleer™ or any of the water filters listed above.

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