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Tips for Selecting a Home Water Treatment System

Culligan Water offers several types of home water treatment options, each designed to meet a variety of water treatment needs. When trying to determine which type of home water treatment system will work best for you, several factors must be taken into consideration.

Type of Water Contamination

Not all home water filters are created equal. Some systems are specifically designed to remove a certain type of contaminant, such as iron, while other multi-filtration units are capable of removing a variety of contaminants. In some cases, water softeners are even used in conjunction with a filtration unit for a complete home water treatment system.

The type of system you select will depend largely on your household size and the type of contaminants found in your water. If you are unsure what contaminants are present in your water, your local Culligan Man can perform a free in-home water test.

Family Size and Water Usage

Depending on the type of contaminants found in your water supply, Culligan Water offers a variety of home water filtration systems. The type of system you select will depend largely on your family size and your water usage.

Whether you want all of the water in your home treated, or just some, Culligan Water has the equipment and professional experience to resolve your water treatment issues. Culligan's line of water softeners and home water filtration systems meet all applicable NSF/ANSI standards.

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