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How Home Water Filtration Systems Work

Taking the Guesswork out of Home Water Filtration

What Is a Home Water Filtration System?

Home water filtration systems remove tiny particles such as iron, chlorine, chemicals, and even gasses from the water, making it completely safe and even healthier to drink. Portable water filters are easy to buy and are a safe way to treat water in your home.

Why Should I Get a Filter?

Drinking untreated water can be dangerous for your health. It can contain various contaminants such as bacteria, parasites, and chemicals - and can lead to serious health risks. When filtered, it will be safe, and will even be better tasting.

Are There a Variety of Water Filtration Techniques?

The process of water filtration takes problem water and turns it into cleaner water that’s free of odor, bad taste, sediment, and contaminants. Water filtration works in one of two ways – physical filtration and chemical filtration. With physical filtration, water is strained, often through a gauze-like membrane, to remove larger particles. With chemical filtration, water is treated with patented smart technology to remove impurities.

Types of Water Filters

Discover why your water may not be running clear from the faucet, by exploring common water problems with your local Culligan dealership. Culligan will test your water for free! From purchasing to renting to financing, Culligan has payment plans and options for every household and budget. Professional installation and setup is included for all options. Your local Culligan Man can customize a whole-house solution for you. Schedule an appointment today to find the right home water filtration system for your needs.

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