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Do I Have Hard Water?

Hard water occurs when there is an excess of calcium and magnesium minerals in the water coming into your home. These minerals, which are often picked up by groundwater as it passes through soil and rock, make it difficult for appliances to function efficiently, can build up over time in water pipes, and can be tough on laundry, skin and hair. Hard water can also result in increased spending on soaps and cleaning supplies. The minerals in hard water work against cleansers to prevent lathering. Plus, they leave behind deposits that require additional scrubbing to remove.

Fortunately, most hard water problems can be easily resolved by installing a home water softener.

Testing for Hard Water?

One of the easiest ways that you can tell if you have hard water is with a visual hard water test. Take a look at your bathroom fixtures. If you notice a white build up around your showerheads, faucets and drains, there’s a good chance that you have hard water. This white buildup is caused by calcium deposits (also known as calcium carbonate) that were left behind by the water.

Seeing water spots after washing your dishes is another sign that you may have hard water. These spots are small calcium deposits that stick to glassware when rinsed with hard water. In addition to leaving behind deposits on glassware, hard water also leaves behind deposits on laundry, skin, hair and virtually everything it touches. New clothes that come out of the wash looking dingy, and hair that seems lifeless and dull, are all likely suffering from having been washed in hard water.

One other hard water test you can do is the standing glass test. If you think you may have hard water, pour water from the tap into a clear water glass, and let it stand for a few hours. If you notice small white particles floating around the bottom of the glass, this is likely the result of previously-dissolved hard water minerals crystalizing and settling to the bottom.

If you suspect you have hard water, consider getting a free water hardness test from Culligan to determine your exact water hardness level. Your local Culligan Man will take a sample of water right from your kitchen tap and test it for you in your home. The process typically takes only 10 minutes and is 100% free. Your Culligan Man will interpret the results for you right then and can help you determine whether or not a water softener may benefit your home.

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