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Common Water Problems

Remove 99% of all contaminants.

Do you have problem water? Culligan specializes in treating a variety of water problems. Simply ask for a FREE water test of your water supply. After the analysis, we can suggest the best water treatment equipment for you.

On this page you will find some of the most frequent problems with household water. Each of these common water problems and more can be corrected with the right treatment from Culligan.

Hard Water Spots

Hard water spots on your dishes? Call Us.

Hard water minerals can accumulate on bathroom fixtures, clothes, dishes, glassware, and other items around the home. A Culligan water softener, or water conditioner, can remove hard water minerals so they don’t build up, eliminating hard water spots and scale.

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Hard water spots

Bad Tasting or Smelly Water

Does your water have a bad taste or smell? Call Culligan.

That bad odor coming from your water is caused by Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) like iron, sulfur, manganese or other chemicals. TDS can make your water smell of chlorine, fish, or rotten eggs. Culligan Water's reverse osmosis drinking water systems, water conditioners, or whole house carbon filters can help solve bad tasting and smelly water problems.

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Bad tasting or smelly water

Excessive Iron in Water

See stains on your drains? Call the Culligan Man.

High iron content in your water supply can cause rusty fixtures and drains. If left untreated, iron can stain anything your water comes into contact with. Culligan Water has the equipment to prevent iron stains and save you from cleaning up the mess.

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High iron content

Acid Staining

Are your pipes springing leaks? Call the Culligan Man.

Water that contains acid leaves green-blue stains on the fixtures and surfaces around your home. It can be a hassle to clean acid stains. However, blue stains aren’t the only problem caused by acid. The green-blue stains you're seeing are actually Wthe result of copper from your pipes being eaten away by the acid. Over time, this can cause leaky pipes. Your Culligan Man has what you need to solve this water problem.

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Acid stains

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