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Water Softener Reviews

We decided to get a water softener. The Culligan man came to our house and showed us the system. We decided it was right for our family and we bought it. The water softener saves us money and makes our hard water much softer. It actually helps my skin and my daughter's skin. She still has skin problems, but now her skin does not itch as much. I think this was the best purchase of my life. I believe the system is saving us money and makes our skin feel much better. I was on the fence about buying the system, but my wife convinced. I am sure glad I listened to her on this great purchase.

The people who put in the system were cool. We got a water purifier and a water softener. The water purifier was put under the kitchen sink and has its own spout. When you need fresh water, you use that spout for clean and delicious water. The water softener was hooked up in our garage. Part of the system sits outside, but the main system sits in the garage.

The techs set up the system and gave us a book to help us keep the system working properly. All we have to do is put salt in the water softener because it softens the water. This was a great buy. Our water was hard and at times really made my skin itch. Now I no longer have to worry about hard water. My skin feels great and my daughter does not scratch her skin nearly as much as she used to. Thank you Culligan Man, you are worth it.

Daddy Waddy Weeviews (Leroy Coffie)

Single models from Culligan… have granular activated carbon (GAC) pellets that are added to the resin beads that soften water. The result is that the odor and taste of chlorine are removed from the water at the same time that the water is softened for improved bathing, cleaning, cooking and laundry. (Excessive heavy minerals that are in "hard" water make your water heater less effective, which means that you'll pay more in energy costs; these minerals also clog showerheads, leave deposits in toilets and bathtubs and can dull the brightness of clothing during washing.)

Consumers Digest

Great water softener! I had a culligan that just wore out. It was 30 years old. I bought another one. It will last a long time. Pluses: It works like a charm. Cons: None - it works like a charm.

ConsumerDemocracy (anonymous poster)

Culligan water softeners works well. I have had this equipment for 2 years and it took care of a very bad iron problem and gave me soft water. My previous equipment did a very bad job of removing iron. My only complaint is that the chlorine solution pump stopped working after I worked on the chlorine tank (after breaking the nozzle with my mower) so it could be my fault. All in all, I am very satisfied with the equipment.

ConsumerDemocracy (anonymous poster)

I really like this water softner with the exception of the awkward height of the opening to pour in the salt pellets. When the softner cycles, it is quite noisy and sometimes causes air in the water pipes making quite a racket. Keeps the water very conditioned to help with showers and appliances.

ConsumerDemocracy (anonymous poster)

A great reputation, justly deserved. I use their bottled spring water at home, its as good as it gets. Also have their water softener, in use for eight years. Recently had a need for service, they worked at it until they got it right. Some even still under warranty! Great job, Dale.

Yelp (Bruce W.)

Rating: 5 - High
Sensor in tank measures when the softener is clean during regen and shuts the cycle off early, saving water running into my septic system. Pluses: On demand, uses less water.
Minuses: none

ConsumerDemocracy (anonymous poster)

We were buying water buy the case for the last year with prices varing from store to store and from any source that was selling it. The price keept climbing and the chore of carrying the water from store to car and car to house was wearing us out. Enough!

I started to look to the web for a better way… Well I looked at Culligan because I knew the name was one associated with water purification and was surprised to find one so inexpensive. I bought it and was again surprised to find how easy the installation was and the results are so great. Amazon of course was the most trusted way to purchase.

Amazon (Richard Perez)

Review of Culligan Medallist Plus Water Softener

Owned Product For: 6 Months
Rating: 5 Stars

Good Points
Culligan offers a Medallist Plus water softener available for new construction. We saved over $700 and Culligan installed our new softener in our new home and also included 320# of salt to get us started. We paid just a little over a $1,000 for our new water softener that works on-demand. I like the control head features. It's digital and easy to understand. It uses little electricity. As my family size changes (we are young and no kids right now but plans for the future include children) we can easily adjust a setting to accomodate a bigger family. Until then, our water softener only needs to run about 3 times a month!!!! to provide the two of us soft water. Best of all-- all my new stuff in the house won't get ruined with the really hard water we have.

Bad Points
None. I've had no bad experience with our unit. Our electricity did go out a couple times since we moved here. I checked the control head. The time was right, nothing seemed out of wack. Culligan had told me the electricity would have to be out for a long period of time for there to be a problem.

General Comments
Apart from the Culligan Medallist Plus Series we looked at other softeners as well. One brand was over $4,000! Another one wanted us to sign up for soap and other products-- like a year supply. We opted not to get a drinking system yet (money issues) but when we do we will probably get a Culligan because the people there are not pushy. The seem to just offer their advise and let you decide without high pressure tactics. The other guys are still calling me even though I told them over and over, stop calling!

PS AND MOST IMPORTANT … when you do your research stick with .org and consumer digest. I found out there are a lot of paid bloggers out there to say things about a product. So it's not a good opinion.

ReviewCentre.com (anonymous poster)

The Culligan Water service repairman replaced needed parts and they worked well. I called them back and the salt delivery person tested my water and said it was in working order

Angie's List (Sharon S.)

They did a thorough job and the sales person was easy to work with, as well.

Angie's List (Angie K.)

Serviceman arrived within the agreed upon time frame. He informed me what was needed to repair and left the old parts behind in a bag to confirm they were replaced. Total came to around $250 ($90 approximately was the parts). I had to ask him when the unit would regenerate again and the time lapse before we had soft water, hot and cold

Angie's List (Richard F.)

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