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The Best Water Softener

Culligan doesn't just claim to have THE best water softener, we have the recognition to back it up. Culligan's High Efficiency Water Softeners were named a Consumers Digest Best Buy in the 2012 July/August issue. Consumers Digest compared home water softeners based on capacity, quality of construction, salt usage and warranty. The Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener came out on top, offering consumers the best water for their homes in an efficient system.

In addition to being listed as one of the best water softeners for consumers to buy, Culligan's High Efficiency Water Softeners were also recognized in a July 2012 Consumers Digest article for its advancement in sensor technology. While other water softener systems may claim to utilize sensor technology to determine how much salt is needed for regeneration, only Culligan implants an electronic sensor directly in the resin bed. This type of sensor, which measures the amount of salt reduction, rather than water usage (or upflow regeneration) can save consumers about $80 in salt over the life of the unit when compared to traditional regeneration water softeners.

Culligan's high efficiency water softener systems come equipped with a wireless control pad. This feature is unique among water softeners and allows the consumer to mount the pad anywhere within the home. The wireless pad helps the consumer to monitor daily water usage and salt usage. It conveniently lets the home owner know when more salt is needed for regeneration, negating the need to go out and check the unit itself. When Consumers Digest reps reached out to representatives of other water softener manufacturers, the reps were informed that those manufacturers would also eventually adapt similar technology, but they could not provide a timeline for such innovations.

With the highest levels of technology and most efficient systems on the market, Culligan offers the best water softeners - hands down!

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