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A Water Softener Can Help Prevent Hair & Nail Problems

Hard water contains dissolved compounds including magnesium and calcium. Rainwater is acidic because it contains carbonic acid formed by the reaction between carbon dioxide in the air, and the rain water as it falls through the air.

Other compounds can often be found in water depending upon its source, and unfortunately, this is the water that feeds into your home. Although these compounds are usually found in tiny amounts and are not particularly threatening, this does not change the fact that soft water is a better option when it comes to caring for your hair and nails.

Some of the most common repercussions from the use of hard water on one’s hair and nails are as follows:

Hard water can do damage to your shower heads, faucets, pipes and home appliances as well. Over time, hard water will create a characteristic scale in and around these items, including water heaters and dishwashers. Without proper treatment, the scale will accumulate and eventually cause clogging.

The easiest way to deal with hard water is to use a water softener. This device is filled with compounds that remove unwanted minerals from water through an exchange process. As a result, the risk of nail and hair damage due to hard water, is no longer an issue. You can use the water safely for your hair, your nails, your pets, and for every other purpose.

A high-quality water softener is easy to use and maintain, requiring only periodic maintenance. For residential use, Culligan Water Conditioning offers top-of-the line rental water softeners. Finance and rental options are also available, which can be particularly useful for temporary usage in rentals or vacation homes.

Contact Culligan today, to discover how a rental water softener can solve your hair and nail problems, and protect your home as well!

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