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Whole House Water Purifiers

Concerned about the purity of the water entering your home? Water can pick up a variety of contaminants on its way into a home, including: sediment, lead and iron. A whole house water purifier from Culligan may be right for you if:

Our water purification systems are specifically designed to address each of these water challenges and can be customized to meet your specific home water purification needs. Our whole house water purifiers work by filtering water at the point it enters your home, delivering purified water to every faucet and appliance.

Some of the benefits offered by whole house water purifiers include: clean drinking water, brighter whites, spotless dishes, and extended appliance life.

The water purification needs of each home are different. For help determining which home water purification system best meets your needs, contact your local Culligan dealer and request a free in-home water test. After testing your water, your local Culligan Man will explain the test results to you and recommend the best whole house water purification system to treat the specific contaminants in your water supply (if any exist).

To learn more about the types of water purification systems available in your area, simply click here and enter your zip code; then give your local Culligan dealer a call, today!

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