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Culligan Water Softener Salt Delivery

Never lug another heavy bag of salt! Culligan Water has a water softener salt delivery service that meets everyone's needs for salt. Never run out of water softener salt using our convenient delivery schedules which fit your family's needs. No one knows your Culligan unit like the Culligan Man. We will deliver and put the water softener salt into your softener for one price. No more lugging those heavy bags of salt.

You do not have to own or rent a Culligan softening system in order to take advantage of our salt delivery service. We deliver salt to all types and brands of water softeners.

  • Solar Cubes Water Softener Salt.
  • Solar Extra Coarse Water Softener Salt.

Culligan Salt N' Service Program

Leave the maintenance of your home water softener to us, with our Salt N' Service program. Your Culligan® dealer will deliver salt right into your home and into your water softener. We'll work with you to determine a convenient delivery schedule, and we will even perform a 10-point inspection of your water softener during each visit.

  • Convenient - No more lugging and lifting heavy bags
  • Dependable - Scheduled softener salt deliveries
  • Trusted - No one knows your water softening equipment like Culligan®
  • Confidence - 10-Point inspection of your water softener with every delivery

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Don't wonder what's in your water - your Culligan Man™ can tell you. Contact your Culligan Man today for a free water test!

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