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Vintage Culligan Water Softener Ads

Culligan water softeners have been a staple in many households throughout history. Here we take a look at some of our favorite Culligan water softener ads from the past. From Miss America to a child's favorite doll, everyone loves the feeling of soft water from Culligan!

While the ads and technology may have changed over the years, Culligan's commitment to customer service and satisfaction remains the same. Families that install a water conditioning system from Culligan will continue to receive the same friendly service that has come to be known from their local Culligan Man.

Vintage Ads for Culligan Water Softeners

vintage Culligan ad from 1953

1953 - Millions of People Enjoy Culligan Soft Water on a Service basis... or with a HOME-Owned model

vintage Culligan ad from 1957

1957 - new Culligan Water Softener gives you all the soft water you want, all the time, all through your home, automatically!

vintage Culligan ad from 1959

1959 - MRS. AMERICA loves the way Culligan soft water lightens her day

vintage Culligan ad from 1961

1961 - She got life with hard water. Culligan...SEEN MOST OFTEN WHERE THERE'S WATER TO SOFTEN

vintage Culligan ad from 1967

1967 - BREAKTHROUGH! New Culligan automated electronic water softener

vintage Culligan ad from Unknown Date

Date Unknown - All dolls prefer soft water Culligan…SEEN MOST OFTEN WHERE THERE’S WATER TO SOFTEN

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