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Culligan Water Reviews

A few months ago I decided to try home water delivery, because I wanted my family to start drinking more water and thought the kids would be more inclined to drink it if we had a dispenser and bottles delivered regularly. I went with Culligan because, it was the most familiar name to me so I felt comfortable trying them out. I'm glad I did! Not only are we drinking a lot more water but they made the process of starting service so easy. It took a while to figure out our usage, so they were really good about getting us water when we ran out before our scheduled delivery day. The ladies who answer the phone are always so nice and make sure I received the extra water quickly. My neighbor noticed I was getting water delivery and asked me how I liked their service because they were getting theirs from a different company and weren't happy. I told them I loved it and absolutely recommended them to try them. They did and said it’s like a night and day in comparison to what they had before. I obviously don't have experience with other water companies but going off my neighbor’s word, I doubt another company could top the service I've gotten so far.

Yelp (Alexandra D.)

I was more than pleased with the service, install, AND the cost of my new Culligan Water softening system.

Angie's List (Holly H.)

I received excellent service from a knowledgeable tech that was on-time and started with testing my water first. This showed the unit was softening the water. He tested its valve control mechanism and advised it needed to be rebuilt due to age - it was likely to jam in the near future. The work was completed in about 45 minutes.

Angie's List (Warren M.)

The Culligan service man that came out to our house was thorough and quick. He explained everything to me clearly and answered any questions I had. He also found a coupon online and applied it to my bill without me even asking which saved me almost $75. I am very pleased with the service I received and would recommend Culligan to anyone I know.

Yelp (Patti T.)

I went to the Culligan Water office to speak with someone in person about Culligan services. The sales team was very professional and answered all my questions. The sales representative even came out to my house to go over some other questions I had on my current home owned softener. The sales rep was a great reflection of the Culligan company.

Yellow Pages (Shayne K.)

We called Culligan to handle a relatively simple situation -- indoor utility sink drain pipe had frozen and split in two (or so we thought as it was leaking badly when we ran the washer). The service man came out that day, assessed the situation, and directed me to call him back once the pipe thawed. The next day, he returned, and explained that the freeze opened up a seal and made it leak, so without the freeze, there was no leak. Only charged us 50$ to come out twice. Can’t complain about that!

Yelp (Robert L.)

Couldn't ask for nicer people!! Every person who has delivered my water from this company has been nothing but friendly & always has a smile on their face!!

Google Reviews (Clove M.)

Quick and easy installation process. The installers were very professional. We are enjoying our new water!!

Google Reviews (Julie M.)

Our company has been working them since the first of the year and they're great. Always on schedule, always helpful and polite. Would absolutely recommend.

Google Reviews (Sky W.)

Great service and always friendly to interact with. If in the market for water softening or purification service then I would not look any further. You won't be disappointed with Culligan.

Google Reviews (Kim W.)

Culligan's sales and customer service representatives are very courteous and professional during sales calls, they thoroughly explain all benefits and options of the various systems available. Our family has considered Culligan a trusted brand for years.

Google Reviews (C.J. S.)

Every person we have talked to or worked with has been extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful! The customer service, options and quality products make Culligan a no brainer!

Google Reviews (Alyssa E.)

Their softener is great, water from the R/O is great and showers are nice with the soft water. It is also very efficient on salt. I am happy with the service and plan to buy out my lease this summer.

Yelp (Na F.)

We had a very positive experience with getting a water softener and an iron filter installed…Everything was very professionally done and we would highly recommend Culligan to anyone thinking of using this service.

Yelp (Mike S.)

I love my Culligan reverse osmosis system. Water tastes great. Installation was prompt & everyone at the company was pleasant. If you’re looking for filtered water, look no further!

Google Reviews (Karen L.)

Our Culligan water softener has corrected our hard water problem. No more rings in the plumbing fixtures! Great home delivery service of salt too!

Google Reviews (LuAnn O.)

I love my Culligan reverse osmosis system. Culligan installed it in my apartment building very quickly. I am so relieved to know that my water is very clean from harmful environmental toxins and the salt used to soften water in my building. This was a wise investment. It is money well spent on my health and peace of mind.

Google Reviews (Lanaya B.)

Water system completely removed the horrible sulfur from my well water. I also have a great service tech that knows my well and water system top to bottom.

Google Reviews (Deborah L.)

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