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Residential Water Delivery and Quality

We recently conducted a survey where we focused on residential water delivery and quality. The quality of water delivery and water service is important to everyone involved, so surveying these individuals who receive water delivery and/or water service can be an effective way to learn how to improve these services.

Household Water Problems Chart

40% of those surveyed complained of bad taste, smell, undesirable color, or all of them combined, in their household tap water. We found that of those 40%, 40% purchased home water filtration systems, along with filtered or purified water services.

Point-of-use filtration systems, water softeners, and whole house water filtration systems were the most popular.

More than 90% of respondents have or had dealt with residential tap water quality issues for more than one year and some even upwards of ten years.

Residential Water Service

Residential Water Service Chart

Those using a residential water service expressed a variety of praises and complaints regarding these services. 12 respondents were happy with the price of their residential water delivery. Other answers with regards to customer satisfaction included delivery and customer service. 22 people were completely happy with the services that they received.

When it came to dissatisfaction, 15 people responded that they were most dissatisfied with the price of their residential water delivery service. Other reasons for dissatisfaction included conservation, customer service, and communications. None of the homeowners mentioned Culligan, when they indicated dissatisfaction.

Call your local Culligan Representative for a free water test, and find out what may be making your water look, smell or taste funny. Depending on what type of solution you may need, your Culligan Representative can provide you with a home water filtration system (such as a point-of-use filtration system or a whole house water filtration system), or a water softener system.

He can also make arrangements for you to receive clean, fresh water delivered right to your door at a schedule that's most convenient for you. Culligan has been providing water treatment solutions and water delivery solutions for homes and businesses for over 80 years, and can provide you with the expert service you need!

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