Metered Medalist Softener

Water softening improves everyday life for you and those you care about by prolonging the life of appliances, saving money on energy bills, brightening colors in the laundry, and more. Our Metered Medalist softener seamlessly integrates with your plumbing and pairs state-of-the-art water filtration technology with a solid, durable construction. Culligan offers both rental and purchase options of our water softeners to best meet the needs of your household.

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Softer water is a key to a happier life and a healthier home for you and those you care about. Water softeners work to eliminate mineral deposits that cause lime scale and soap scum, also prolonging the life of appliances, giving you softer skin and hair, getting your dishes cleaner, and more. Culligan's Metered Medalist softener features Dubl-Safe brine refills with redundant safety features and the Guest Cycle feature to deliver more water at the push of a button. We offer both rental and purchase options for our water softeners and are here to help determine which works best for your water needs.

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