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Residential City Water Concerns

City Water Treatment Chart

Many individuals are not aware of how exactly their city water is treated. According to a recent survey, 62% of respondents don't know exactly how their city water is treated, and 60% expressed concerns about their city water.

Here are the greatest concerns that the survey participants expressed:

Concerns about one's drinking water are valid and reasonable, and solutions should be sought. Water filtration systems are excellent solutions for residential water treatment. They fill in the gaps where city water treatment may be lacking. As seen from the large percent of respondents who admitted that they don't know how their city water is treated, there is a lack of open information available. Let's address this.

City Water Concerns Chart

Most city water treatment plants add chlorine to the water as it enters the treatment facility. This chlorine kills off microorganisms that are living in the water. Other chemicals are then added to help stick together particles that are too small to sink to the bottom. These impurities are filtered out. But not all impurities are caught during a city's water treatment process, and afterwards the water must travel through city pipes into homes.

Culligan has the solution. Culligan's residential water filtration systems come in a variety of different types, and the use of one or more can help make sure your water is entirely filtered of all of the things that can make your water taste bad, smell bad or possibly even be bad for you. Here are a couple of common types of water filtration solutions:

Water filtration systems will help make sure that your water is clean and filtered for your family. If you're concerned about the city water that comes into your home, consider investing in a Culligan home water filtration system. To learn more, contact your local Culligan Man today!

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